Gwen Russo-Uss

I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to go through this process!

I would like to thank Laura for her encouragement and insight. For allowing me to feel safe and heard, and mostly understood. 

I want to thank Miranda Dawn for her presence and for our amazing compassion calls! I also want to thank all the people on my coaching calls who were holding a space for me to feel safe, to open up, and really push through my fear of being vulnerable. I also thank you all for being open and vulnerable to share yourselves as well. 

CCA has allowed me to acknowledge and become aware of the skills which I already possessed inside of me, and also gave me an opportunity to review and deepen these skills. CCA also introduced me to new skills and new ways to communicate more effectively with myself and others.

I vowed to continue to incorporate what I have learned into my life; relationships, work, family, and friends. 

I am committed to continuing on my path of self-love and compassion and continued compassion and understanding with those I met in all areas of my life; past, present, and future.”