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The Compassion Code: How To Say The Right Thing When The Wrong Thing Happens

What if you knew that compassion was the antidote to healing our hurt, hate-filled world?

Would you know how to use it in every circumstance, with family, friends, and strangers alike?

Would you be open to doing so, even when it involved acts that may seem unforgivable?

Would you be willing to be gentle and sympathetic with yourself?

If you’re like many people, your heart desires to be compassionate, yet your head may simply not possess the blueprint for saying those right words at the right time, or for seeing things from a compassionate perspective rather than a judgmental one. After all, we’re a product of our upbringing and societal norms, and we’re not necessarily taught precisely what living compassionately looks like.

The Compassion Code will completely change that.

After losing her mother in a tragic accident, author Laura Jack was devastated. Yet it was also a time of witnessing how people responded to her, how her family grieved differently, and how she responded herself. She went on to become a Certified Grief Recovery Method® Specialist, but beyond that, she became a keen observer of how people were missing a huge opportunity to operate with more compassion.

This accessible, wisdom-filled book is the result, addressing topics such as:

  • Knowing what to say—and not to say—when someone is grieving
  • Understanding when to talk and when to simply listen
  • Relating kindly to ourselves
  • Recognizing that everyone has a story
  • Dealing with compassion fatigue
  • Acknowledging instead of “fixing” others with our responses
  • Practicing compassion in daily life with self, other adults, children, and teens

Far from being preachy or disparaging, The Compassion Code awakens the kindheartedness that resides in all of us, urging it to stand strong as we navigate life events that can cause pain, misunderstandings, fear, hatred, and even war.

With heartfelt, relatable stories, compassion coaching tips, and abundant loving action steps, the book is an invaluable guide for how to shift our mindset, diminish hurtful viewpoints, and embrace the humanity in each of us.

The Compassion Code is available on Paperback, Kindle and Audible