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Specializes in transforming leadership, communication, and culture through the lens of compassion & grief

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As the Founder of The Compassion Code Academy™ Leadership Training, International Best Selling Author, and Speaker, Laura Jack provides education, inspiration, and practical tools for leaders and teams who are struggling with burnout so they can replenish their emotional resources, create longevity, and navigate their most stressful times with confidence and compassion.

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Navigating Change Without Burnout

Mindset & Strategies to Build Resilience, Manage Stress, and Prevent Burnout While Maintaining a High Level of Service

Hidden Costs Of Grief In The Workplace & What To Do About It

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Are you a school administrator or educational leader?

Are you exhausted from the constant barrage of complaints from teachers, parents, and even students? Everyone seems to be treading water, and you would love to know how to cope with these highly emotional circumstances with confidence and compassion but without burning out? Book a call to determine how we can support you. 

Are you a physician or other health care provider?

Burned out? Cynical? Giving from empty? Being a physician or other health care provider involves more than just diagnosing and treating patients. You are listening to patient and family complaints — hearing what is going wrong with so many — and this can sap your energy and suck you dry. It doesn’t have to be that way. Book a call to determine how we can support you. 

Are you a team leader who provides customer or client care?

You want to build a compassionate work culture by navigating high-stakes conversations (workplace drama, personal hardship, decision making and delegation, etc.) more confidently and effectively without carrying the emotional burden. These burdens prevent you from being the most ‘WELL-thy’ version of yourself. Book a call to determine how we can support you. 

Are you a leader of an organization or corporation who values your company culture?

You want to create cohesive, effective, and compassionate engagement with your employees, co-workers, and clients. Change is inevitable during reorganizations, mergers, inner-office turmoil, and an ever-evolving workplace. Understand how compassion unlocks peak-performance. Book a call to determine how we can support you. 

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Let’s Put Compassion Into Action!

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What Our Participants Are Saying

“It was an honor and a privilege to be trained by Laura Jack and here’s why… highly competent, deeply compassionate and intuitive, amazingly articulate, extremely knowledgeable, authentically interested and invested in each person and their journey and learning, committed to high quality training, devoted to her discipline… and she has a great sense of humor and is very personable.”

– Dayde M., Boeing

“Relationships are key in any corporate environment. Laura showed us how to build genuine, healthy relationships so we can find more connection and joy at work. She shared her compassion model as well as diving into key steps that we could take action on immediately. This isn’t a theory. This is real, practical advice for anyone looking to relate to others more effectively.”

– Lori Harris, Nike

“One of the most educational and heart-felt trainings I have ever attended. To now be equipped with specific effective skills to transform relationships is a true gift. Laura presents material in an interactive and easy to follow format. Her compassion is present in every lesson she teaches, and her story is simply inspirational.”

Trish Magnotta, Psychiatric Behavioral Health of NJ

Let’s Create a Culture of Compassion In Your Organization

2018 Award for Top 10 Life Coach in the Nation

The Compassion Code Academy™

The Compassion Code Academy™ is the flagship program of Laura Jack Coaching™.

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