The Compassion Code Academy™

Be The Leader People Want To Follow

One Who Is Healthy, WELL-thy & Wise

Get Curious And Honestly Ask Yourself, "Am I..."

The Compassion Code Academy™ Is Our Roadmap To Being Healthy, WELL-thy & Wise

Gain Valuable Compassionate Communication Tools & Techniques

To enhance your management, networking, sales, and client interactions with a unique balance of firm and kind.

Navigate High Stakes Conversations & Personal Issues With Confidence, Kindness & Emotional Intelligence

To effectively & compassionately communicate with your team, immediate colleagues, bosses, and even in personal relationships.

Create Healthy Boundaries That Still Respect Others

To foster healthier relationships, interactions, and connections at work and home (even if there’s currently drama).

Inspire Loyalty, Longevity, And Connection

To model self-compassion & self-care, as these are key elements to creating a healthy culture.

End Compassion Fatigue & Serve At Your Highest Level

To reclaim your energy and reignite passion for your work even your role is emotionally taxing.

Next Steps

After booking, you will be asked to fill out an intake form to help our team better understand where you are and where you want to be.

The Program Details

  •  Training Modules Filled With:
    • Education & Practical Application

    • Mindset Shifts

    • Communication strategies

    • Individual and group exercises

    • Other resources that will act as a tool kit for all your days to come.

  • 1-1 Coaching in a Group Setting (that have been described as mini-retreats!)

  • Intimate support in our online community. 
  • A Certificate of Completion for Compassionate Communication & Leadership with The Compassion Code Academy™
  • Bonus: These skills will translate into your personal life too!
  • About 3 hours per week over the course of 3 months 

  • Investment ranges from $3000-$6000

  • To be H.O.W.  (Honest, Open, and Willing!)

  • It’s good for you:
    • Gain life-long skills, confidence, and personal satisfaction.
    • Receive the support of a coach & a community of compassionate leaders.
  • It’s good for your team: 
    • Improve leader effectiveness. 
    • Strengthen team cohesiveness.
  • It’s good for your organization:
    • Enhance productivity & performance
    • Increase retention

Note: All enrollment is subject to an interview conversation so we can understand your needs and direct you to the right program. 

We've all heard the quote,"people don't leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses."
Truth is everyone wants to feel seen, heard, and appreciated. This is the gift of compassionate leadership.

- Laura Jack
“Laura Jack, this program has literally changed my life, and I’m…. I’m so thankful for it! I am so, so thankful for both of you guys!”
Jenny Arnold
CCA Grad - May 2021
“Thank you. I appreciate both of you… for what you have created and for your support. I just feel different, in the best of ways.”
Dan Saxe
CCA Grad - April 2021
I will use the ‘beautiful flowers of my garden,’ to bring compassion and love to those I encounter and help them to tend their gardens as well. The skills I’ve learned in CCA™ helped me to become the master gardener of my life and they will stay with me forever.”
Erma Cooke
CCA Grad - April 2021
“Your expert coaching skills have been right on point and invaluable to me. Thank you everyone for your loving kindness. It means a lot to me.”
Keeley Ward
CCA Grad - July 2021
“Loving yourself means accepting yourself, including your past. We all make mistakes and we all have regrets but there’s no reason to carry those mistakes with us until we die. We can live an abundant life. We can be free. Life is much more fun and freeing once we accept our faults and start loving ourselves for who we are.”
Velma Matthews
CCA Grad - April 2021
The Compassion Code Academy™ challenged me to take a deeper look at myself. To dig deeper and discover who I was and who I wanted to be.”
Keeley Ward
CCA Grad - October 2020
“I’m internally feeling better. It’s been good for my mental health, it’s been for my physical health, it’s just good for everybody around me. It allows you to recognize where you can be when you do self-care. That’s the best gift of all.”
Betsy Ie
CCA Grad - November 2020
“I am most excited to share with others that compassion starts with yourself first, then others. That by giving to yourself first, through self-love, self-acceptance, self-care, you build compassion for yourself and, in doing so, you naturally have compassion for others.”
Jillian Vest
CCA Grad - March 2021
“When I joined the Academy I was looking for clarity, I was looking for happiness, and I wanted to improve my communication skills and I want to identify if everyone in my business was heading in the same direction. Looking back, as I set these intentions, it blows me away at how effective this course has been in addressing each of these intentions as well as digging even deeper into the things that were deep inside of me that I wasn’t ready to acknowledge several months ago.”
Aaron Sales
CCA Grad - September 2020

2018 Award for Top 10 Life Coach in the Nation

The Compassion Code Academy™

The Compassion Code Academy™ is the flagship program of Laura Jack Coaching™.

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