“I came to CCA with areas of my garden where the ground needed to be tilled. The soil nourished, the weeds pulled, and new plants planted. I arrived with a vague idea about up-leveling my garden, knowing I needed to shift perspective on my work in the world. My plans for a future partner and myself care. 

In our coaching calls, I’ve marveled how each person is tending their own garden and digging up the old in a way to cultivate the soil for new growth. I appreciate how Laura called me to dig deeper and get the whole root, and how much Miranda Dawn nourished me with her music, her insight, and her vision. 

In the future, I will continue to attend to my garden with loving care. When I see weeds, I will dig from the root to the tip to clear my heart and soul. I will continue to be thankful for the flowers as they bloom in season, as I know, areas in my life will bloom in season as well. 

I will use the ‘beautiful flowers of my garden,’ to bring compassion and love to those I encounter and help them to tend their gardens as well. The skills I’ve learned in CCA helped me to become the master gardener of my life and they will stay with me forever.”