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We can’t wait to help you overcome compassion fatigue so you can reignite your purpose and serve from overflow!

This application will create awareness around where you struggle and what you hope to achieve.

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Inspiring Graduates of Compassion Code Academy™

Laura Jack, Founder of The Compassion Code Academy™
Laura Jack coaches heart-centered leaders to overcome compassion fatigue so they can reignite their purpose and serve at their highest level.
As a Compassionate Communication & Leadership Coach, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Founder of The Compassion Code Academy™, and Trainer for The Grief Recovery Institute©, she provides in-depth training for those who want to create a culture of compassion both personally and professionally.
For the last 10 years, Laura has trained administration in her modality at Nike, Intel, various hospitals, churches, and school districts around the nation, among others.

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